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White Chiffon
Ashley & Geoff's Wedding Journal!
4th-Feb-2007 01:18 am
[drew] whip it
The html in this entry messed up, so I had to redo it in another post! Sorry about that annoyance!
4th-Feb-2007 09:56 pm (UTC)

Once I've caught my breath, wiped my face,
saved this story & pics to disc, & remember
what language I speak, I'll be back to note.

I'm pretty much dying right now, all over
again... that LAST picture being the nail
to close the coffin shut on the state. (!!!)
4th-Feb-2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
you little sweetheart :)
totally a tear jerker entry & this
is the COOLEST journal. the more Ash
journals, the better, as far as i'm
concerned! reading BOTH of your perspectives
as the time passes is going to be SO
entertaining. agh! i'm totally freakin
bout it. told my mom this morning too! lol.

wow! what a sweet romantic proposal,in ITALIAN
too. :) you guys are so made for each other
it couldn't be more clear.

can just imagine you all shocked/hyperventalate-y.
:) can't believe the whole family knew and were
able to keep it from you! that's sneaky!! :)

the HAND PICTURE on the drive home is AWESOME!
that lil finger & hand would never be quite the same!

your table is so sweetttheart cute! love all the sunshiney
chairs & wow @ the roses & berries etc. so many goodies
in one life changing evening... gosh. no wonder your aura
teleports through the screen via that last lil picture :)

Sooooooooo awesome. the whole dang thing!!

Adding this journal!
4th-Feb-2007 10:38 pm (UTC)

wow. congrats again!

how did geoff know what the perfect ring was? it's beautiful.

i can't wait to see this journal bloom!


4th-Feb-2007 11:27 pm (UTC)
This is such a cute idea for a journal! I'm so excited for you guys & all there is to come.
And I have a crush on your kitchen chairs, too.
4th-Feb-2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
what a lovely and perfect story. I love how he couldn't wait until Valentine's to ask you and just NEEDED to do it right away.

This journal is going to be so much fun to read!
5th-Feb-2007 01:26 am (UTC)
I must admit, I cried when I read this entry. So wonderful and heart warming and that picture of you at the end, yup, that was the kicker.