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White Chiffon
Ashley & Geoff's Wedding Journal!
Welcome to whitechiffon, the wedding journal of Ashley &… 
4th-Feb-2007 03:33 pm
[drew] whip it

Welcome to whitechiffon, the wedding journal of Ashley & Geoff! Now that we're engaged, we thought it would be fun for both of us to keep this journal. That way we can look back on our time as fiancees all the way to the alter. Plus we can share the details with all our friends and family.

So ok, ok, it's time to give you all the complete story that you've all been waiting for! All the pictures and information from Geoff's beautiful & romantic proposal of marriage to me!

Geoff had Friday off from work & was planning on making raviolis for dinner. He seemed pretty excited about it & kept mentioning it, so I did sort of feel like something was going on. But I really didn't think a proposal was possible!

So Friday comes around and I leave to go to work. And my lame car wouldn't start. I didn't have time to deal with it, so I just took Geoff's car. I called him later in the morning to let him know and he sounded really stressed about it. I told him we could just go to the store for dinner stuff when I got home. But he was still disappointed. He told me just to call him when I was close and he'd just run outside to meet me.

Well then I knew something was definitely going on! I kept bugging him to tell me while we were shopping, but he wouldn't spill any details at all. When we got home, he made me wait at the bottom of the stairs for awhile. Finally I was able to come upstairs. I saw that the apartment was super clean and our dining room table was all set for a romantic dinner for two!

So I thought that was it! I gushed & thanked him & told him how sweet he was and he started making dinner. I put my stuff away, checked my email, blah blah blah. Then I walked past the dining room again and saw a GORGEOUS boquet of huge pink roses on the table! I screamed and said, "Where did these come from?!"

Then he reveals that he has yet two more surprises! He had me sit down and close my eyes at the table. I was completely freaking out with suspense at this point. What was going on?! So finally he had me open my eyes. There was a beautiful tray of little desserts and berries on the table in front of me!

But even more exciting, there was Geoff kneeling down beside me! Holding a beautiful little red heartshaped box! About this time, I started hyperventilating and going into shock. There was no way this was actually happening!

He opened the box and said, "Will you marry me?" Again, me=in shock, so I couldn't get a word out. He started getting really nervous! Finally I found the ability to speak again and shouted "Yes!" over and over. And there were a couple hundred "oh my God!"s thrown in there too! I was crying and giggling like an insane person as we hugged and kissed and celebrated.

Then he made me sit down again as he pulled out a piece of paper and asked me, in Italian, "my love, will you be my wife?" It was so sweet and romantic and "us"!

We had our delicious dinner with wine after making a million phone calls. EVERYONE in my family has known for months! Geoff asked my dad for permission way back in November and Amanda had found out my ring size on Christmas. The ring was ordered by his parents and delivered to my dad's a couple of weeks ago.I was so clueless. What a sneaky sleuth!

He had wanted to do on our anniversary, but didn't get the ring in time. Then he was going to wait until Valentine's Day, but couldn't wait any longer. I'm glad he didn't! It was a perfect night ... he's really made my dreams come true!


Foreshadowing? I took this picture of my ringless finger on my way home from work Friday evening.

This was going to be my photo of the day before I knew what was going to happen! Such a cute shot of my sweetie grocery shopping for our special dinner.

The beautiful dinner for two setup, and GORGEOUS pink roses.

treats & sweets!

The ring of my dreams, from the boy of my dreams!

Cry face/huge smile face moments after the big question was popped

5th-Feb-2007 01:34 am (UTC)
Your No Doubt love is infused into everything...& I love it!
I'm kinda shocked that whitechiffon wasn't already taken!
The perfect name for a wedding journal & it was left open
& available just for you two!

I'm psyched you've decided to do this...because I can't
imagine anything better than being in on every little detail
of prepping for THEE wedding of '08! It's as close as we
can get to being there!

I love how even though you knew something was up, you
didn't get that it was THIS huge! When Patrick proposed &
I walked into my bedroom which was filled with daisies &
saw the little card that said to meet him under our tree, I
just knew it was the proposal. It's sweet that I just GOT it,
but I always would have been over the moon to be totally
surprised & flabbergasted, like you were!

Geoff is such a doll. The way he took so much time & put
so much thought into all of this, how he asked your dad's
permission, the roses, the amazingly scrumptious looking
chocolate [I want to bite a chunk out of the screen!], the
heart shaped box, the fact that he's been thinking of this/
planning this since November, the way he asked [esp. that
he took the time to also ask in italian] ...that boy deserves
a medal!

The last picture...all dewey & glowy from LOVE & how much
it's given both of you & the knowingness in your eyes that
you're going to be a wife...that picture did me in. I think
besides seeing a new mother's face after she's just given
birth, or seeing her light up as she makes eye contact with
her soon to be husband as she makes her grand entrance
& walks down the aisle on her wedding day...the look, the
sheer JOY on a woman's face after she's just been proposed
to...is the most beautiful look in the world.

Congrats again guys! I loved reading all the details!