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White Chiffon
Ashley & Geoff's Wedding Journal!
some long awaited updates! 
28th-Jan-2008 08:01 am
[drew] whip it
Well it's been months since we've updated this neglected community! I went through a major planning-procrastination-slump over the holidays, but we're getting tons of stuff done now!

Our parties (my bridal shower & bachelorette party, Geoff's bachelor party) are being planned by our fabulous friends Anne, Angie, and George and will be on March 8th. I have my ceremony shoes, but need my reception flatcomfies. And I have my cousin Jennifer's veil that I'm borrowing. We also ordered all our favors!

This week I'm working on collecting all of the addresses I need. We ordered the invitations this weekend and they are SO perfect! Here's an ok cameraphone shot:

All but one bridesmaid has their dress, and hers should be arriving in February. I'm thrilled with them! They are the perfect color pink & coordinate so well with my dress. Same material, same neckline, same rouching. Here's Amanda & Ali modeling them:

Geoff's friend Leo (who is also a groomsman) is a professional baker and has generously volunteered to provide our cupcakes! (We are foregoing the traditional cake). He made a batch last night according to the look we wanted & sent over a picture. Geoff's picking them up today. They are EXACTLY what I wanted, even though he said they're a little messy since they were the first batch/trial run. I know some of them are lemon flavor with raspberry glaze, mmmm!

I hope to post more soon (shoes! rings! flowers!) as we continue planning full steam ahead.
28th-Jan-2008 04:49 pm (UTC)
OHHHH This is SOOO EXCITING! I adore that shade of pink! The cupcakes are so cute and the invitations are so delicately pretty. They're all just classic designs that will stand the test of time as well! Beautiful.
Your sisters look so excited and happy too, awww.
Ooh how many bridesmaids are you having?
28th-Jan-2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
The florals on your invites are just to die for, sweetie! That, and the color of the dresses... too gorgeous!

For a first round, those cupcakes look perfect. I love the frosting! ♥

I hope to see more updates from your direction, hint wink nudge.
28th-Jan-2008 08:42 pm (UTC)

those bridesmaid dresses are BEYOOTEEFUL!! love the color. and i love the cupcake idea! and the invitations! it's shaping up to be a gorgeous wedding. i cannot wait to see you in your dress, walking down the aisle! i am definitely going to cry. i can't think of anyone more deserving of a happy and beautiful marriage!

keep the updates coming. love you! xoxo
28th-Jan-2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
mmm those cupcakes look delicious. I like the whole idea of cupcakes instead of cake as well.

Those bridesmaid dresses are super cute!
28th-Jan-2008 10:07 pm (UTC)

oh, wow, i'm in love with your bridesmaids dresses!!
they are soo beautiful.

and those cupcakes also look & sound to die for! yum!

you're making wonderful planning progress :)
29th-Jan-2008 04:23 am (UTC)
Wow, ur wedding date is approaching!!
How time flies by...my goodness.

The bridesmaid dresses are very pretty.
I figured u would use pink since it's ur fav. color :)

& those cupcakes look really good & tasty!

Everything has a soft, pink & white tone going on.
It's all looking very nice, indeed!

30th-Jan-2008 08:20 am (UTC)
mmmm, cupcakes! yummmm!

everything looks beautiful :) i wish i could be there!