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White Chiffon
Ashley & Geoff's Wedding Journal!
drowning in dresses 
6th-Feb-2007 12:42 pm
[drew] whip it

Well it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm already starting to look at wedding dresses. It's a huge part of the day and I don't want any hiccups! I'll probably wait a few months to actually go places to try them on. But in the meantime, I've been scouring magazines and websites to get some clear ideas in my head of what I want.

I'm definitely thinking straps & A-line. I'm not sure on embroidary or any other little details. It would be great to be able to work some small amount of pink into it, but we'll see. Here's some examples of dresses that I'm drawn to.

We're planning to scout out locations next weekend, so we can set an official date. It will hopefully be somewhere around May 3, 2008. We're almost sure we will end up somewhere at Lake Las Vegas Resort. The Ritz-Carlton has the option of having colorful butterflies released after the ceremony. Um YEAH. I'm ALL ABOUT THAT. Even if we end up elsewhere, I want it! Haha.

7th-Feb-2007 09:02 am (UTC)


You'd look a divine bride in any of those scrum-diddly-icious gowns,
since you just have the most smokin' body for any of those babies
to begin with, and could pull off any one of them, without a question
putting even catalog brides to shame.

I'm partial to the 5th one because of the way the bottom part hangs.
Also... the overall feeling of vintage-ness it possesses, as well as the
very last one cause the skirt is somewhat mermaid-esque, & therefor,
ultra you. I'm excited that you're definitely thinking straps. You've
these beautiful swanny arms, you were born for sure, for straps. :)

I'm freaking out with anxiousness for it all to be figured out. Most
especially your dress, yes, but besides that, your HAIR. I'm super
curious to see what you're going to do. Being that it's one of your
main most insanely gorgeous physical traits, seeing u wear it down
or even just partially down would be maddeningly lovely, but wow, if
I imagine you wearing it up with tendrils cascading here & there or
even the way Drew wore her hair @ the London M&L premiere (my
favie uppie do EVER!), I have to clutch my heart to even get through
the thought.

The Ritz Carlton! Woah, mama! That would be a fantasy & freaking
half, yes??? Golly, I can't even comprehend being able to be include
such a place in my wedding plans.

Lastly, I know in my heart the stars saw to it the whole releasing
of the butterflies thing was thunk-up specifically for the likes of
you & Jo. Maybe even D someday if she dares venture down that
road again. :)

You'll have the day of your dreams, Sis, I know it. Not because you
could be married at the Ritz Carlton or sport a dress like one of the
many above, but because you'll reach the end of that aisle and find
yourself face to face with the one boy born to be your other half. xo

Sooooo eeky at being able to be apart of all these plans, Sis! Yay!